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The Subjective Truth

Jul 15, 2022

It all began with a nightmare and a laptop in a kitchen...

What happened next has been described by many listeners as Tales from the Crypt meets Quantum Leap.

Each guest of the Grey Rooms lives a new life every day, only to die repeatedly, begging the question, will they ever find relief or only eternal torment? Once...

Feb 25, 2022

Sometimes you randomly mention the name of a comedy movie in one Audio Fiction series and then two years later, you release an entire series based upon that fake comedy movie. Anyway, I wrote a satirical dark comedy called, "Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason" and I've love for you all to check it out. ...

Nov 18, 2021

Today on the Good Pointe feeds we’re delighted to share the pilot episode of The Land Whale Murders. The Land Whale Murders, is a fast and funny alternate history podcast about murders, birders, and a missing whale. We're excited to dive into such a creative and unique concept. And to top it all off, The Land Whale...

Apr 13, 2020

Confessions, Confrontations and Chaos. The Season 1 Finale of The Subjective Truth.

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.


Addison Peacock as Graham Anderson

Sarah Golding as Beth Kline

Steve McGrath as Jerry Kline

A.R. Olivieri as Buddha Kline

Danyelle Ellett as Amy Kline

Lauren Ezzo as Jessica Brubaker


Apr 12, 2020

Jack and Pat take Graham looking for The Goatman on her last night in Taos.

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.


Addison Peacock as Graham Anderson

Josh Rubino as Jack

Aurore Gautheur as Odette

Bajio Alvarado as Cadaver Dan

Roger J. Thacher as Phillip Brubaker

Lauren Ezzo as Jessica Brubaker

Bailey Cuccaro as...