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The Subjective Truth

May 3, 2021

Some great folks just released a new series we think you might enjoy...


“..for The Wanderer, a bargain with the forest and a vow to wander might just be the only way to find his love, Andrew, and get him home safe. Aided by only his wits and the magic of his guitar, the Wanderer will have to...

Apr 13, 2020

Confessions, Confrontations & Chaos.

The Season 1 Finale.

Featuring Performances by Addison Peacock, Sarah Golding, Steve McGrath, A.R. Olivieri, Danyelle Ellett, Lauren Ezzo, Jen Lyles, Melissa Medina, Marc Cashman, Erin Hanson, Karin Heimdahl, Sabrina Bailey, Emma Elizabeth, Michelle Nickolaisen, Bajio Alvarado, Coni...

Apr 12, 2020

Graham goes looking for The Goatman on her last night in Taos.

Writing, Editing, and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett.

Featuring Performances by Addison Peacock, Josh Rubino, Aurore Gautheur, Bajio Alvarado, Roger J. Thacher, Lauren Ezzo, Bailey Cuccaro, Ferry Van Der Woude, Coni Kitts, and Kim Reiko.

Music by Bajio...

Apr 12, 2020

Graham arrives at The Blue Mesa Hotel. It's Cursed but not in the way you'd think.

Starring Addison Peacock, Josh Rubino, Aurore Gautheur, Bajio Alvarado, Chris Butera, Stephanie Foults, Drew Kocour, Roger J. Thacher, Bailey Cuccaro, Inspector J, Ameangelofsin and Phlo. Music by Bajio Alvarado, Dyno Might, Scott Arc,...

Apr 2, 2020

A strange trip to Taos. A time-traveling dog. And an encounter with the Goatman. More calls from the tipline. 

Music Provided by Bajio Alvarado and The Blue Dot Sessions. 

Featuring Performances by Sarah Nightmare, Bajio Alvarado, Joshua Maldonado, Wilson Apolo, Chris Butera, Brice Bankard, SumOlives, Jared I. Magee,...