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The Subjective Truth

Apr 12, 2020

Jack and Pat take Graham looking for The Goatman on her last night in Taos.

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.


Addison Peacock as Graham Anderson

Josh Rubino as Jack

Aurore Gautheur as Odette

Bajio Alvarado as Cadaver Dan

Roger J. Thacher as Phillip Brubaker

Lauren Ezzo as Jessica Brubaker

Bailey Cuccaro as Pat

Ferry Van Der Woude as the Youtuber

Coni Kitts as The Fennster

Kim Reiko as the Layback Theater AI

Theme Song and Opening Music provided by Bajio Alvarado. Additional Music provided by Daniel Birch, and The Blue Dot Sessions.

Credits by Garan Fitzgerald.

Vocal Direction by Danyelle Ellett.

Editing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett.

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