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The Subjective Truth

Mar 31, 2020

A stay in 'The Blood Room' at The Blue Mesa Hotel.

Starring Madame Raven.

Writing, Editing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett.

Credits by Garan Fitzgerald.

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Mar 31, 2020

A man questions his decisions after a visit to The Blue Mesa Hotel.

This episode was written by Shamus Burns. And featured a performance from Roger J. Thacher.

Credits by Garan Fitzgerald.

Theme Song and Opening Music provided by Bajio Alvarado. Additional Music provided by Kevin Macleod, Scott Arc, and Maxime...

Mar 31, 2020

A mysterious rock and a visit to The Blue Mesa Hotel leave a woman changed forever.

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.

Starring Bailey Cuccaro as Claire from California

Theme Song  provided by Bajio Alvarado. Additional Music provided by The Blue Dot Sessions.

Vocal Direction by Danyelle Ellett.

Credits by Garan...